Thursday, August 9, 2012


a big mall like building..completely white interiors..supposed to be a hostel probably..apparently i live of my very close school friends (with whom i`ve lost touch) is my nieghbour. there`s a lot of activty going on in the multiplex-like hostel, something like episode perhaps... i go to to my nieghbours room... friendly banter...some talk about handwashes and paper soaps..( incidentally the liquid soap in my my room has neared its end...we were talking abt buying a new one..) and suddenly i see that in place of my friend its another friend....atreya kumar...and he goes on a bit abt the importance of paper soaps.

another snippet..... its night time in the hostel..everything is completely dark.. there are candles lit everywhere a very commfortable almost mystical milieu.. i see gururaj kidiyoor in my room.. he is talking to me... he is still the pgp chairman.. he is asking abt my hobbies or sth...apparently he was impressed after reading sth i wrote...its a very imp event, the pgp chairman coming to my room and telling me that he`s immpressed...i feel the gravity of the situation...

another snippet... i am walking ... somebody hands me a sherwani .. and i wear that .. it comes on me jlt....then i see its very tight fitting, but thats all right cos i have a superb the dream of course..;)... and as i start walking with a swagger.. i realize that this sherwani is half sleeved... in my dream i feel uncomfortable..


i am in a race course or sth... its a circular race track..really narrow and made of cement..its meant for horse racing.. there`s a lot of sunshine around like 3 pm in summer...and i am looking at the race track closely idiotic to ake horses run on such a hard pavement in such heat. there are no spectators...just a completely white big horse running in circles on the racetrack...there`s somebody on it..somebody i know.. but i dont remember it now.. there`s a lot of noice from this horses grooves...cos of the hard surface and all... and something happens the horse becomes black...and again the jockey changes...and i become happy but i dont remmeber more of that.


Thursday, July 19, 2012


its about a dream my mom had, when i was about to go for engg...she saw an old bald guy with flowing white beard, telling her that everything`s gonna be all right with manish,dont worry... he has big things in store for him. she told me about this but i didnt think much about it.

incidentally i have always,ever since i can remember, been in love with OSHO, my mom hadnt seen his pic ever, so after my first term when i returned home with a book with his pic on cover,my mother immediately recognized him as the person in her dream.

i dont know why, but it made me feel special.. :)